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PLC Member Weekly Update Jan. 14, 2022

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Forestry for Loggers – Register Now! First session next week!

Maine Forestry Recovery Initiative – Apply Now, Deadline Jan. 31 and there is no loss threshold!

Logger’s Voice Winter Edition – Now Available!

Member Reminder – OSHA 300A Reporting Requirements for Specific Size Companies

PATHH Tax Implications – FSA guidance

Welcome New Members – 3 New!

PLC Store – Many items for sale

Safety Resources – New HumpDay and Unsafe Zone videos!

Trucking – Updates weekly

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Logging News – Latest headlines

Forestry for Loggers: First Session Next Week! Register Now!

*Sessions begin at 6 p.m. Jan. 19, 25, or 27 depending on your region. The first session is next Wednesday!

The logging industry in Maine is comprised of many loggers who have become managers because of mechanization and the complexity of their business. The Professional Logging Contractors of Maine (PLC) and the Maine Forest Service (MFS), Forest Ranger division, are partnering in January 2022 to offer three online (via Zoom) trainings focused on what the MFS looks for during Timber Harvesting Inspections to help you better manage your business.

Each session will be geared toward a different region of the state and members should try to attend the session for their region if possible. Dates and locations are below. Click the location below to quickly register online!

Jan. 19  Northern Maine (Aroostook, Penobscot, Piscataquis and Washington Counties)

Jan. 25  Central Maine (Franklin, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Oxford, Waldo and Somerset Counties)

Jan. 27 – Southern Maine (Androscoggin, Cumberland, Sagadahoc and York Counties)

The sessions are designed for owners, foremen, and managers of logging companies. Regional MFS Rangers will be on hand for the sessions and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions. Topics will focus on what Rangers look for during an inspection, including, Ranger activities, Forest Health & Monitoring, Forest Policy & Management, Forest Protection Division, Data collection, Forest Operations Notifications, Spark Arrestors, Forest Practices Act, Property Lines, Trip Tickets, Mill Scale Slips, Water Quality, and Timber Asset Security Checks.

This is the first in a series of PLC Logger Leadership trainings planned for 2022. Watch your email for updates on additional trainings and topics.

Forestry Recovery Initiative Phase 1 Grant Applications Due Jan. 31!

*Members please note: All member companies are eligible to apply and there is no loss ratio threshold requirement. If you have questions, call Jessica at the PLC office – 688-8195.

Applications for Phase 1 of the Forestry Recovery Initiative, a multi-phase grant program through the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) to support Maine’s forest products industry and the people it employs, create and sustain jobs in rural Maine, and strengthen the state’s economy are due by Jan. 31, 2022.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills announced the creation of the $20 million grant program through her Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan in November. MTI is putting forward $10 million in Phase 1 and Phase 2 grants to provide immediate financial relief to forest products industry businesses that have experienced negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible uses of Phase 1 grant funds may include but are not limited to:

  • payroll costs and expenses;
  • rent or mortgage payments for business facilities (unless otherwise waived by the lessor or lender);
  • utility payments;
  • purchase of personal protective equipment required by the business;
  • business-related equipment;
  • investments that strengthen the business’s ability to mitigate pandemic-related market disruptions;
  • expenses incurred to replenish inventory or other necessary reopening expenses;
  • necessary operating expenses.

The PLC encourages Members to take advantage of this opportunity if they qualify.

For more information, including how to apply, click HERE.

Logger’s Voice Winter 2022!

The Winter 2022 edition of The Logger’s Voice is now available!


Employers can submit 2021 Form 300 data after Jan. 2, 2022

Members, it is that time of year to submit OSHA 300A reporting data, pending the number of employees your company has. The number of employees you have will determine which track to take.

Track A: 10 to 19 employees need to post the paper 300A form at their workplace in a public location, by February 1st, 2022, and it needs to be left up until April 1st, 2022.

Track B: 20 to 249 employees need to fill out the electronic form by March 2, 2022.

Form 300A reporting does not apply to companies with nine or fewer employees.

Electronic form:

March 2, 2022, is the deadline for electronically filing the 300A (the log of work-related injuries and illnesses) with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) if your company has 20 or more employees and your company is engaged in forestry.  This form must be filled out annually as long as your company meets the aforementioned criteria.  The link for more information and to submit your injury/illness information electronically can be found here:


Frequently asked questions regarding OSHA 300A reporting:

1. My establishment meets the size and industry for electronic reporting requirements, but we had zero recordable injuries and illnesses last year. Do I still need to submit a report?

 Yes, establishments that meet the size and industry reporting criteria must report their Form 300A data even if they experienced no recordable injuries or illnesses during the previous year. Those establishments would report zeroes for their injury and illness counts.

2. Do I need to submit my data using the web forms AND in a CSV file?

 No, you only have to provide the data using one of those methods. Please be aware that if you submit data for just one or a small handful of establishments, it is much easier to manually enter the data by selecting the “Create Establishment” button and filling out the two webforms rather than creating and uploading a CSV file. If you have already provided your establishment information for a previous collection (or collections), you only need to click on “View establishment list,” select the already-entered establishment, and provide the new 300A summary data.

3. Is Forestry the only type of business that needs to report this information?

 No, there are 66 industries.  Here is the link to the full list – https://www.osha.gov/recordkeeping/NAICScodesforelectronicsubmission.html

(Question 4 & 5 are the same for any company with 10 to 249 employees.)

4. What does OSHA define as a reportable injury?

  1. Any work-related fatality.
  2. Any work-related injury or illness that results in loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work, or transfer to another job.
  3. Any work-related injury or illness requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.
  4. Any work-related diagnosed case of cancer, chronic irreversible diseases, fractured or cracked bones or teeth, and punctured eardrums.
  5. There are also special recording criteria for work-related cases involving: needlesticks and sharps injuriesmedical removalhearing loss; and tuberculosis.

5. How does OSHA define 1st Aid? 

  1. Using a non-prescription medication at nonprescription strength (for medications available in both prescription and non-prescription form, a recommendation by a physician or other licensed health care professional to use a non-prescription medication at prescription strength is considered medical treatment for record keeping purposes);
  2. Administering tetanus immunizations (other immunizations, such as Hepatitis B vaccine or rabies vaccine, are considered medical treatment); Cleaning, flushing or soaking wounds on the surface of the skin
  3. Using wound coverings such as bandages, Band-Aids™, gauze pads, etc.; or using butterfly bandages or Steri-Strips™ (other wound closing devices such as sutures, staples, etc., are considered medical treatment);
  4. Using hot or cold therapy;
  5. Using any non-rigid means of support, such as elastic bandages, wraps, non-rigid back belts, etc. (devices with rigid stays or other systems designed to immobilize parts of the body are considered medical treatment for recordkeeping purposes);
  6. Using temporary immobilization devices while transporting an accident victim (e.g., splints, slings, neck collars, back boards, etc.). Drilling of a fingernail or toenail to relieve pressure, or draining fluid from a blister;
  7. Using eye patches;
  8. Removing foreign bodies from the eye using only irrigation or a cotton swab;
  9. Removing splinters or foreign material from areas other than the eye by irrigation, tweezers, cotton swabs or other simple means;
  10. Using finger guards;
  11. Using massages (physical therapy or chiropractic treatment are considered medical treatment for recordkeeping purposes); or
  12. Drinking fluids for relief of heat stress.

Here is a link for a tutorial for filling out the 300A: https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/osha_rktutorial.pdf

PATHH Tax Implications

The American Logger’s Council (ALC) has relayed answers from the Farm Service Agency (FSA) to questions regarding Pandemic Assistance for Timber Harvesters and Haulers (PATHH) payments and how they are handled in terms of taxable income. The responses are below. The ALC has emphasized it does NOT provide this information as tax advice and encourages PATHH recipients to consult professional tax advisor’s for their opinions.

  • Are PATHH payments going to be counted as taxable income? The Farm Service Agency reports PATHH program payments to the Internal Revenue Service and program participants on a CCC-1099-G. This report is a service to help program participants report taxable income.  PATHH applicants should consult with the IRS or a tax preparer for any additional questions on how this income impacts the PATHH applicant’s business.
  • Will the Farm Service Agency issue a 1099 Form to PATHH applicants?  The Farm Service Agency will issue a 1099 Form to a PATHH applicant if the dollar amount received by the PATHH applicant for the year is $600 or more according to IRS regulations. Farm Service Agency will send out 1099 Forms in mid to late January 2022.

Welcome New Member

Welcome New Member: Haslam Enterprises Inc.

Haslam Enterprises Inc of Eastbrook, ME joined the PLC as a new Forest Contractor Member in December of 2021.  The company has a professional staff of 2. To learn more contact Scott Haslam at 207-479-6077 or haslamenterprises@gmail.com

Welcome New Supporting Member

Welcome New Preferred Supporting Member: Granite State Cover & Canvas

Granite State Cover & Canvas of Plaistow, NH joined the PLC as a new Preferred Supporting Member in December of 2021.  The company is New England’s premier cover and canvas distributor. To learn more contact Tina Duval at (603) 382-5462 or office@granitestatecover.com or visit www.granitestatecover.com

Welcome New Supporting Member

Welcome New Enhanced Supporting Member: Dow Enterprises Inc.

Dow Enterprises Inc. of Fort Kent joined the PLC as a new Enhanced Supporting Member in December of 2021. The company is a dealer and on-site installer of telecommunications and industrial equipment based in Fort Kent. Their brands consist of weBoost, Spot, Iridium, Kärcher, and KC Lights. To learn more, contact Patrick Dow at (207) 242-8661, Patrick.dow00@gmail.com or visit Facebook.com/dowenterprisesinc

PLC Online Store

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Safety Resources

Did you miss the latest Safety Resources Update on Wednesday? Clyde has a reminder for you below

*Safety Resources Updates will be issued on the first Wednesday of each month starting in Feb. If you are not seeing them in your email let us know!

New Hump Day Safety Video – Safety Glasses!

New Unsafe Zone Safety Video – Tony Madden: Safety Glasses!

*This video pairs well with the new HumpDay video above. Share them both with your employees!

Save the date and please RSVP!

PLC Safety Committee Meeting – Tuesday, Jan. 25

Members, you are invited to join us ONLINE on Tuesday, January 25 at 9 a.m. for our next PLC Safety Committee meeting.



Thanks again for your support of the PLC and we look forward to seeing you online for this important meeting.

The purpose of the PLC safety committee is to assist PLC companies create and maintain a safe work environment. A safe work environment will not only increase productivity, but also reduce cost and ensure long term sustainability.  The safety committee assists with planning for our annual safety training events. 

Safety Update Page

For more Safety resources and updates visit the PLC Safety Update page by clicking below!

Safety Resources for Members Only

The Safety Resources Page is located in the Members Only section of the PLC webite and contains many additional safety videos, resources, and materials for contractors. To check them out, click the link below and log in to the web site. If you do not have a login yet follow the instructions to create one. If you need help accessing the section contact the PLC office!


Maine BMV — Entry Level Driver Training Requirement


The Federal requirement for CDL applicants to complete Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) before taking a road or skills exam takes effect on February 7, 2022.

Drivers who have successfully completed a written exam and hold a CDL permit before Feb. 7, 2022 are exempted from having to complete ELDT prior to a skills or road test.

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) schedules written exams 2 weeks in advance, to ensure enough time to provide applicants written scheduling notification via the mail.

To increase the likelihood of scheduling a CDL or endorsement written exam before Feb. 7, any of your employees intending to take the exam should submit their completed application with payment to BMV no later than 10 Jan 2022. The application is available HERE.

For more information on this requirement, CLICK HERE.

New Canadian Vaccination Requirement for Truck Drivers Deadline Jan. 15

The Canadian government will begin requiring all truck drivers entering Canada to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19  by Jan. 15 2022. To be considered fully vaccinated, a traveller must have received the full series of a vaccine – or combination of vaccines – accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. To enter on Jan. 15 this effectively means a driver’s full series of shots must be completed no later than Jan. 1

This is a Canadian government requirement and the PLC has no control over what the Canadian government does.

As many of you are aware, all exempt essential service providers including truck drivers are already required to identify their vaccination status in ArriveCAN, regardless of whether or not they are allowed to enter as unvaccinated.

Until January 15, 2022, if an exempt essential traveller is not vaccinated, they will still be able to get an ArriveCAN receipt. After January 15, 2022, they must be fully vaccinated to get an ArriveCAN receipt. As of this date, most travellers who are currently exempt from quarantine will need to be fully vaccinated to enter Canada. They will also be required to upload their proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN.

The full announcement on this change is available HERE. If you have questions you may contact the PLC at 207-688-8195.

Members, the PLC received the following update in late December from Brian Parke, President and CEO of Maine Motor Transport Association (MMTA) in regards to PLC’s participation in a coalition effort to oppose the California Advanced Clean Trucks Program. You may view the coalition letter here: ME Business Coalition Comments – Rule 128 Advanced Clean Trucks Program – FINAL. PLC Comments submitted as part of the effort may be viewed here: PLC Comments Chapter 128 Advance Clean Trucks Program

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this email because your organization joined the coalition letter sent to Maine DEP opposing adoption of the California Advanced Clean Trucks Program.  The BEP held a hearing this morning and, instead of voting on adoption, had a “deliberative session” where DEP staff provided more information and an informal summary of some of the issues collected during the public comment period.  To make a very long story short, the result is that the issue is being postponed until next year where DEP (at their discretion) will start the public comment process all over again – the only substantive change will be the initial model year impacted by the mandate will be 2026 instead of 2025.

The DEP has indicated they intend to involve stakeholders between now and when they post it next year, to include having the PUC and the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future make presentations to the BEP Board.  They envision PUC would talk about the grid and investments needed to meet current and future demand and GOPIF to talk about the Clean Transportation Roadmap, which also includes a proposal to adopt the CA ACT.

Thank you all for agreeing to sign the coalition letter.  We have no doubt it had a major impact on the postponement of the adoption of this rule because we showed them that there are still more questions than answers.  As the future of this rule develops, we may come back to you all for additional coalition support, depending upon how things unfold.

Hope you all have a great holiday,


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