207-688-8195 Professional Logging Contractors of Maine
  • Percentage of our Board that are Professional Loggers? 100% 100%

Executive Board

Jim Nicols – President

Tony Madden – 1st Vice President

Chuck Ames – 2nd Vice President

William Cole – Secretary

Andy Irish – Treasurer

Scott Madden – Past President

Board of Directors

Aaron Adams

Kurt Babineau

Donald Cole

Tom Cushman

Brent Day

Marc Greaney

Steve Hanington

Duane Jordan

Robert Linkletter

Randy Kimball

Ron Ridley 

Brian Souers

Wayne Tripp

Gary Voisine


Thank you for your service.

Board of Directors Meeting with Kate Shorr from Congressman Poliquin's Office

Board of Directors meeting with Tim Crowley from Northern Maine Community College

Legislative Breakfast at the Senator

PLC Member Meeting with Paper Compaines

PLC Log A Load Golf Tournament:

August 27, 2021 - South - Kezar Lake Country Club, Lovell, ME

September 17, 2021 - North - JATO Highlands, Lincoln, ME