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Harvest Contract:  Logging Contractor & Landowner

Services Contract: Logging Contractor &  Sub Contractors 

Tax Exemption on Parts, Equipment and off-road fuel: Card Application, Refund Request & Affidavit for Vendors

Educational Resources

AMC Maine Chapter                                                       

American Forest & Paper Association                         

American Land Rights Association                      

American Logging Council                                                 

American Tree Farm                                          

Forest Resources Association (FRA)    

Maine Audubon         

Maine Chapter of The Nature Conservancy  

Maine Forest Products Council        

Maine Tree Foundation       

Natural Resources Council of Maine     

New England Forestry Foundation    

Northeast Master Logger              

Northeast Forests &  PATH Software Download       

Northeastern Loggers Association     

Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine   

Society of American Foresters       

Temperate Forest Foundation      

The Tree Information and Reference Guide        

Trust to Conserve Northeast Forest lands   

Maine State Links

Maine Forest Service          

Maine Department of Labor     

Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)   

Maine Department of Transportation (DOT)

Maine Department of Taxation         

Efficiency Maine Trust         

Professional & Financial Regulation